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Jack wasn't an ordinary sort of kid; he was shy and awkward, especially in High School. Not because of the way he looked or anything, he was a completely normal boy. His Black hair faded down into a midnight blue that danced on his shoulders, his fringe tickling his top eyelashes as it swooped off to the side. He had emerald green eyes that would shine bright during the day, and he had a pale complexion that contrasted his dark hair. The reason he was so isolated from the people around him was because he didn't see the need to have anyone in his life. He preferred to be left alone.

At school he always liked to arrive early, early enough to avoid the rush of traffic and any looks or conversations with the people around him, although he couldn't shake the feeling that when he had finally arrived that someone was watching him.
He loved the days when he had arrived early enough to sit against the wall in an open area of the school in between two of the main buildings. He'd loved to look up at the clear, new blue morning sky that floated high above his head but there was always one person who would disturb his peaceful thoughts and try to make a conversation with him. He'd gotten sick of it by now, why couldn't they just understand the way he felt. He didn't need them, He didn't need anyone. Jack was perfectly fine by himself; he didn't want someone to open the door to his world.

To avoid any social interaction he would take out a book and pretend that the words written there were of any interest to him, He would never stay focused on it for very long though; his reflexes would always kick in as he heard footsteps that sound as though they were approaching him. By the time there was a big group of people Jack liked to think that the wall he was leaning against had created a barrier that protected him from everything that surrounded him, even though he knew that this was untrue the thought would always ease his mind.

The wind was howling in the trees and Jack could hear the whispers from the people standing around him. Jack looked at the people who were standing around him waiting for their teacher to arrive and allow them access into the cool classroom that shelter them from the blistering summer's heat. Everyone always had their own place, except him, the people around him were always seen in groups of two or more.

By the time it came to class, Jack would always wait for everyone else to find a seat next to their friends before finding a seat for himself, hidden in the corner by the darkness that would surround him. The teachers knew he preferred to sit on his own, so if there was ever any need to make a seating plan they would always try to let him stay in his area. There was the occasional day when he had to sit next to that one loud kid that wouldn't leave him alone, but it didn't really bother him. If he had to he could just put in his headphones and listen to music it's not like he had to listen to the teacher anyway he was already ahead of everyone in his work.

Jack wasn't one of those goody-two-shoes that would hand their work up to become the teacher's pet, or to look good. The only reason his work would be handed up was because he had nothing better to do in class. He wouldn't use his phone to text people and he avoided his Facebook as much as he possibly could. So he would just pass his time by doing his work, doodling, reading and listening to music. He liked to write too. Not that he was any good at it but it passed the time rather quickly. He especially liked to write whenever he was sitting outside or next to a window so he could stare up at the bright blue sky. He loved to look at the sky. It looked to beautiful, it was like an escape. So relaxing and clean, it was something that no one would ever be able to take away from him.

I just wrote this one coz I was bored at school, this story is not actually about me (even though a lot of my friends think it is) it is just some things i noticed about the majority people at my school. 


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I grew up in Scotland and Currently live with my family in Australia.
Love anime, manga and video games.
Unsure of what the future will hold.

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