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Submitted on
February 20


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Okay so I'm just a bit bored and have been trying to write my own story for a long time now.
I've not gotten very far but last year i traveled to Scotland (where I was born) and started writing it on my way home from then, until now i have been re-writing this little section (so that's almost a whole year now).  
Anyway here goes this is Seph's Story (and I know it's spelled Seth but i like the spelling Seph better so deal with it).

Italics - Dreams/Flashbacks

I had lost all hope; Time seemed to be passing by so slowly...
I turned up the narrow street that shadowed a small dark house at the very end. This was the place I was to call home; It was a brick building surrounded by numerous tall, dark trees on either side, which made the house seem isolated to the outside world. The family who lived inside this house were no better than what could be found on the exterior. My father, a drunk and violent man, was someone who I feared very much. Then there's my mother, I would love to tell you that she was a kind hearted woman, but I can't. She is someone that I will never be able to forgive. I never knew my mother all that well, she had died before I was even five years of age, but I can never forgive her for leaving me with him for so long. 

I'll never forget about the day I left that hell hole. The last time I saw 'him', my father i mean, The cold look in his eyes as he was beating me until all consciousness left my body, because of him i will never be able to leave my past behind me. It's a burden that will always follow me until my last days. 

Well that's my prologue, I also have the first chapter but I dunno if this is even good, I'm not very creative or anything but I just thought i'd give it a go.
Nina-Tina Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014
Woah...thats awesome <3
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